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plant-type hypersensitive response (GO:0009626)
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age-related resistance +  
antibacterial innate immune response 
antifungal innate immune response +   
antiviral innate immune response  
cellular detoxification of nitrogen compound  
cellular response to anoxia  
cellular response to caloric restriction  
cellular response to cell envelope stress 
cellular response to chemical stress +   
cellular response to cold +   
cellular response to DNA damage stimulus +   
cellular response to fluid shear stress +   
cellular response to heat +   
cellular response to hypoxia +   
cellular response to immobilization stress  
cellular response to isolation stress 
cellular response to starvation +   
cellular response to sterol depletion +   
cellular response to topologically incorrect protein +   
cellular response to water deprivation +   
cellular senescence +   
cellular stress response to acid chemical  
complement activation, alternative pathway +   
complement activation, lectin pathway +   
defense response by cell wall thickening +  
DNA protection  
hemolymph coagulation 
induced systemic resistance +   
innate immune response in mucosa  
innate immunity memory response +  
integrated stress response signaling +   
MAPK cascade involved in innate immune response 
melanization defense response +  
natural killer cell mediated immunity +   
negative regulation of innate immune response +   
negative regulation of ribosomal protein gene transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter in response to stress 
neuron projection regeneration +   
plant-type hypersensitive response +  
The rapid, localized death of plant cells in response to invasion by a pathogen.
positive regulation of innate immune response +   
priming of cellular response to stress 
regulation of cellular response to stress +   
regulation of DNA-templated transcription in response to stress +   
regulation of innate immune response +   
regulation of mRNA stability involved in response to stress +   
regulation of translation in response to stress +   
response to endoplasmic reticulum stress +   
response to interferon-gamma +   
response to mitochondrial depolarisation +   
response to type I interferon +   
response to type III interferon +   
RNAi-mediated antiviral immune response +  
stress-activated protein kinase signaling cascade +   
stress-induced homeostatically regulated protein degradation pathway 
stress-induced mitochondrial fusion  
trehalose metabolism in response to stress +   

Exact Synonyms: HR ;   HR-PCD ;   plant hypersensitive response
Definition Sources: ISBN:0582227089

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