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external side of plasma membrane (GO:0009897)
Annotations: Rat: (546) Mouse: (597) Human: (507) Chinchilla: (267) Bonobo: (299) Dog: (370) Squirrel: (266) Pig: (362)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
cell surface +     
plasma membrane +     
side of membrane +     
cell body membrane +   
cell surface furrow +  
cell trailing edge membrane +   
cellular bud membrane 
cornified envelope  
cytoplasmic side of membrane +   
cytoplasmic side of plasma membrane +   
external side of cell outer membrane +  
external side of cell wall +  
external side of plasma membrane +   
The leaflet of the plasma membrane that faces away from the cytoplasm and any proteins embedded or anchored in it or attached to its surface.
extrinsic component of plasma membrane +   
growth cone membrane  
immunological synapse  
internal side of mycolate outer membrane 
intrinsic component of plasma membrane +   
lateral plasma membrane  
leading edge membrane +   
longitudinal side of cell surface 
lumenal side of membrane +   
lumenal side of plastid thylakoid membrane 
medial membrane band 
orthogonal array 
periplasmic side of cell outer membrane +  
phagocytic cup +   
plasma membrane protein complex +   
plasma membrane region +   
plasma membrane respirasome +  
plasma membrane-derived thylakoid lumen 
plasmodesmatal cytoplasmic sleeve 
plasmodesmatal desmotubule +  
plasmodesmatal plasma membrane 
sarcolemma +   
sperm plasma membrane +   
stromal side of plastid inner membrane +  
stromal side of plastid thylakoid membrane +  
tetraspanin-enriched microdomain  
ventral surface of cell  

Exact Synonyms: external leaflet of plasma membrane ;   outer surface of cytoplasmic membrane
Broad Synonyms: juxtamembrane
Definition Sources: GOC:dos, GOC:tb

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