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biological process +     
behavior +   
biological adhesion +   
biological phase +   
biological regulation +   
carbohydrate utilization +   
carbon utilization +  
cell aggregation +   
cell killing +   
cell population proliferation +   
cellular component organization or biogenesis +   
cellular process +   
Any process that is carried out at the cellular level, but not necessarily restricted to a single cell. For example, cell communication occurs among more than one cell, but occurs at the cellular level.
detoxification +   
developmental process +   
growth +   
immune system process +   
localization +   
locomotion +   
metabolic process +   
multi-organism process +   
multicellular organismal process +   
negative regulation of biological process +   
nitrogen utilization +   
phosphorus utilization +  
pigmentation +   
positive regulation of biological process +   
regulation of biological process +   
reproduction +   
reproductive process +   
response to stimulus +   
rhythmic process +   
signaling +   
sulfur utilization +  
 cell activation +   
 cell cycle +   
 cell death +   
 cell division +   
 cell growth +   
 cytolysis +   
 gene silencing +   
 protein folding +   
 RNA folding +   
 transposition +   

Exact Synonyms: cell physiology ;   cellular physiological process
Narrow Synonyms: cell growth and/or maintenance
Related Synonyms: single-organism cellular process
Alternate IDs: GO:0008151 ;   GO:0044763 ;   GO:0050875
Definition Sources: GOC:go_curators, GOC:isa_complete

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