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mycothiol-dependent detoxification (GO:0010127)
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detoxification +     
cellular detoxification +   
cellular detoxification of methylglyoxal +   
detoxification of arsenic-containing substance 
detoxification of inorganic compound +   
detoxification of nitrogen compound +   
detoxification of zinc ion  
mycothiol-dependent detoxification 
The chemical reactions using mycothiol to convert an alkylating agent to an S-conjugate of mycothiol. The latter is cleaved to release mercapturic acid which is excreted from the cell.
toxin catabolic process +   

Narrow Synonyms: mycothiol-dependent detoxification of alkylating agent
Xrefs: MetaCyc:PWY1G-1 ;   MetaCyc:PWY1G-170
Definition Sources: GOC:pz

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