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ent-kaurene oxidation to kaurenoic acid (GO:0010241)
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ammonia oxidation +  
anaerobic phenylalanine oxidation 
cyclohexanol oxidation 
electron transport chain +   
energy derivation by oxidation of organic compounds +   
energy derivation by oxidation of reduced inorganic compounds +  
ent-kaurene biosynthetic process 
ent-kaurene oxidation to kaurenoic acid 
The three successive oxidations of the 4-methyl group of ent-kaurene to form ent-kaur-16-en-19-oate, kaurenoic acid. This process may be carried out entirely by the enzyme ent-kaurene oxidase.
ethanol oxidation  
formate oxidation 
heme oxidation  
iodide oxidation 
L-alanine oxidation to D-lactate and ammonia 
L-alanine oxidation to pyruvate via D-alanine 
lactate oxidation  
lipid oxidation +   
lipoprotein oxidation +   
methanol oxidation 
n-octane oxidation 
NADH oxidation +   
NADH regeneration +   
NADPH oxidation  
NADPH regeneration +   
oxidative deethylation  
oxidative demethylation +   
polythionate oxidation 
protein oxidation +   
pyruvate oxidation  
sulfate reduction +  
sulfide oxidation +   
sulfur oxidation +   
thioredoxin reduction 
toluene oxidation +  
tyrosine biosynthetic process, by oxidation of phenylalanine 
xanthine oxidation 

Exact Synonyms: ent-kaurene oxidation to ent-kaur-16-en-19-oate ;   ent-kaurene oxidation to ent-kaurenoate ;   ent-kaurene oxidation to kaurenoic acid by ent-kaurene oxidase
Definition Sources: GOC:tb

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