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regulation of gastrulation (GO:0010470)
Annotations: Rat: (41) Mouse: (41) Human: (40) Chinchilla: (38) Bonobo: (39) Dog: (40) Squirrel: (38) Pig: (41)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
cell migration involved in gastrulation +   
cell-cell adhesion involved in gastrulation +   
convergent extension involved in gastrulation +   
epithelial cell morphogenesis involved in gastrulation +  
formation of primary germ layer +   
gastrulation with mouth forming first +  
gastrulation with mouth forming second +   
inhibition of neuroepithelial cell differentiation +   
mesendoderm migration +   
mesodermal to mesenchymal transition involved in gastrulation +   
modulation of penetration peg formation +  
modulation of symbiont haustorium neck formation for entry into host +  
modulation of symbiont penetration hypha formation for entry into host +  
negative regulation of blood vessel morphogenesis +   
negative regulation of embryonic development +   
negative regulation of gastrulation +   
positive regulation of embryonic development +   
positive regulation of gastrulation +   
regulation of angioblast cell migration involved in selective angioblast sprouting 
regulation of angiogenesis +   
regulation of animal organ morphogenesis +   
regulation of apical ectodermal ridge formation +  
regulation of apoptotic process involved in morphogenesis +   
regulation of appressorium formation +  
regulation of arbuscule formation for nutrient acquisition from host +  
regulation of artery morphogenesis +   
regulation of basement membrane assembly involved in embryonic body morphogenesis +   
regulation of basement membrane disassembly involved in semicircular canal fusion by cell communication 
regulation of blastocyst development +   
regulation of blood microparticle formation +   
regulation of blood vessel remodeling +   
regulation of BMP signaling pathway involved in heart jogging 
regulation of canonical Wnt signaling pathway involved in neural plate anterior/posterior pattern formation +   
regulation of cardiac myofibril assembly +   
regulation of cell differentiation involved in embryonic placenta development +   
regulation of cell morphogenesis +   
regulation of cell proliferation involved in embryonic placenta development +   
regulation of dermatome development +   
regulation of embryonic camera-type eye development +  
regulation of embryonic cell shape +   
regulation of embryonic pattern specification +  
regulation of embryonic skeletal joint development +  
regulation of establishment of planar polarity involved in neural tube closure +   
regulation of formation by symbiont of haustorium for nutrient acquisition from host +  
regulation of gastrulation +   
Any process that modulates the rate or extent of gastrulation. Gastrulation is the complex and coordinated series of cellular movements that occurs at the end of cleavage during embryonic development of most animals.
regulation of germinal center formation +   
regulation of hair follicle placode formation +   
regulation of haustorium mother cell formation on or near host +  
regulation of heart looping +   
regulation of hyphopodium formation on or near host +  
regulation of infection cushion formation on or near host +  
regulation of lymphangiogenesis +   
regulation of meristem structural organization 
regulation of mitochondrial fission +   
regulation of mitochondrial fusion +   
regulation of mitotic cell cycle, embryonic +   
regulation of morphogenesis of a branching structure +   
regulation of morphogenesis of an epithelium +   
regulation of myotome development +   
regulation of nematode male tail tip morphogenesis +  
regulation of neural crest formation +   
regulation of optic nerve formation +   
regulation of otic vesicle morphogenesis +   
regulation of pharynx morphogenesis +  
regulation of planar cell polarity pathway involved in pericardium morphogenesis +   
regulation of plant organ formation +  
regulation of plant organ morphogenesis +  
regulation of primitive erythrocyte differentiation  
regulation of prostatic bud formation +   
regulation of sarcomere organization +   
regulation of sclerotome development +   
regulation of shoot system morphogenesis +  
regulation of smoothened signaling pathway involved in dorsal/ventral neural tube patterning +   
regulation of somitogenesis +   
regulation of sporulation resulting in formation of a cellular spore +  
regulation of sprouting of injured axon +   
regulation of syncytium formation by plasma membrane fusion +   
regulation of tendon cell differentiation +   
regulation of tube lumen cavitation +  
regulation of ureteric bud formation +   
regulation of vasculogenesis +   
regulation of Wnt signaling pathway involved in digestive tract morphogenesis +   

Definition Sources: GOC:dph, GOC:tb

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