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5'-acylphosphoadenosine hydrolase activity 
8-oxo-deoxyadenine diphosphate phosphatase activity 
8-oxo-dGTP phosphohydrolase activity  
acylphosphatase activity  
cyclic-GMP-AMP hydrolase activity  
dATP phosphohydrolase activity  
dCTP phosphohydrolase activity  
dGTP phosphohydrolase activity  
dihydroneopterin monophosphate phosphatase activity 
dTTP phosphohydrolase activity  
dUTP phosphohydrolase activity  
GTP phosphohydrolase activity  
ITPase activity 
nucleoside phosphoacylhydrolase activity 
phosphocholine hydrolase activity 
pyrophosphatase activity +   
Catalysis of the hydrolysis of a pyrophosphate bond between two phosphate groups, leaving one phosphate on each of the two fragments.
RNA NAD-cap (NAD-forming) hydrolase activity  
RNA NAD-cap (NMN-forming) hydrolase activity  
trimetaphosphatase activity 

Xrefs: reactome:R-HSA-6810472 "NUDT13 hydrolyses AP6A to AP4 and ADP"
Definition Sources: EC:3.6.1.-, GOC:curators

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