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organelle fission +     
endosome fission  
ER-dependent peroxisome organization  
glyoxysome organization 
lipid tube assembly involved in organelle fission 
mitochondrial fission +   
nuclear division +   
peroxisome disassembly 
peroxisome fission  
The division of a mature peroxisome within a cell to form two or more separate peroxisome compartments.
peroxisome inheritance 
peroxisome membrane biogenesis  
plastid fission +  
positive regulation of peroxisome organization 
protein localization to peroxisome +   
regulation of peroxisome organization +   
vesicle fusion with peroxisome 

Exact Synonyms: peroxisome division ;   peroxisome proliferation
Definition Sources: GOC:mah, PMID:11687502, PMID:14754507

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