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cerebellar molecular layer maturation (GO:0021690)
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animal organ maturation +   
blood vessel maturation  
central nervous system maturation +   
cerebellar cortex maturation +   
cerebellar granular layer maturation  
cerebellar molecular layer maturation 
A developmental process, independent of morphogenetic (shape) change, that is required for the cerebellar molecular layer to attain its fully functional state. The molecular layer is the outermost layer of the cerebellar cortex. It contains the parallel fibers of the granule cells, interneurons such as stellate and basket cells, and the dendrites of the underlying Purkinje cells.
cerebellar molecular layer morphogenesis +   
cerebellar Purkinje cell layer maturation  
cerebellum maturation +   
dorsal motor nucleus of vagus nerve maturation 
epithelial cell maturation +   
erythrocyte maturation +   
fruit ripening +  
hair follicle maturation +   
hindbrain maturation +   
inferior olivary nucleus maturation 
locus ceruleus maturation 
medulla oblongata maturation +  
midbrain-hindbrain boundary maturation +   
myoblast maturation +  
nerve maturation +   
neuron maturation +   
olfactory placode maturation 
oocyte maturation +   
osteoclast maturation  
platelet maturation  
pons maturation +   
seed maturation +  
seed trichome maturation 
superior olivary nucleus maturation  
trichoblast maturation +   

Definition Sources: GO_REF:0000021, GOC:cls, GOC:dgh, GOC:dph, GOC:jid, GOC:mtg_15jun06, ISBN:0838580343

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