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respiratory electron transport chain (GO:0022904)
Annotations: Rat: (93) Mouse: (83) Human: (116) Chinchilla: (99) Bonobo: (100) Dog: (59) Squirrel: (97) Pig: (70)
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aerobic respiration +   
anaerobic respiration +  
negative regulation of cellular respiration +   
photosynthetic electron transport chain +  
positive regulation of cellular respiration +   
regulation of cellular respiration +   
respiratory electron transport chain +   
A process in which a series of electron carriers operate together to transfer electrons from donors such as NADH and FADH2 to any of several different terminal electron acceptors to generate a transmembrane electrochemical gradient.

Exact Synonyms: electron transfer
Related Synonyms: 6-phosphofructokinase reduction ;   dihydrobiopterin reduction ;   dihydrolipoamide reduction ;   dihydrolipoylprotein reduction ;   dihydropteridine reduction ;   other pathways of electron transport ;   oxidized glutathione reduction ;   protein-disulfide reduction
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Electron_transfer
Definition Sources: GOC:mtg_electron_transport, ISBN:0716720094

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