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actin filament-based movement (GO:0030048)
Annotations: Rat: (127) Mouse: (125) Human: (149) Chinchilla: (143) Bonobo: (146) Dog: (74) Squirrel: (0) Pig: (81)
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actin cytoskeleton organization +   
actin filament severing +   
actin filament-based movement +   
Movement of organelles or other particles along actin filaments, or sliding of actin filaments past each other, mediated by motor proteins.
cell motility +   
cochlear outer hair cell electromotile response 
microtubule-based movement +   
negative regulation of cellular component movement +   
neuron projection guidance +   
positive regulation of cellular component movement +   
protein localization involved in acrosome reaction 
regulation of actin filament-based process +   
regulation of cellular component movement +   

Definition Sources: GOC:BHF, GOC:mah

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