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blood coagulation +     
cell activation +     
blood coagulation, fibrin clot formation +   
cell activation involved in immune response +   
chondrocyte activation 
egg activation +   
endothelial cell activation +   
fibroblast activation +   
follicular dendritic cell activation +   
glial cell activation +   
keratinocyte activation  
leukocyte activation +   
negative regulation of blood coagulation +   
negative regulation of cell activation +   
neuroblast activation 
platelet activation +   
A series of progressive, overlapping events triggered by exposure of the platelets to subendothelial tissue. These events include shape change, adhesiveness, aggregation, and release reactions. When carried through to completion, these events lead to the formation of a stable hemostatic plug.
positive regulation of blood coagulation +   
positive regulation of cell activation +   
regulation of blood coagulation +   
regulation of cell activation +   
skeletal muscle satellite cell activation +   
thrombocyte activation 

Exact Synonyms: blood coagulation, platelet activation
Definition Sources: http://www.graylab.ac.uk/omd/

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