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outer membrane-bounded periplasmic space (GO:0030288)
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cell envelope +     
periplasmic space +     
cell outer membrane +  
cell wall-bounded periplasmic space 
glycocalyx +   
Gram-negative-bacterium-type cell wall 
outer membrane-bounded periplasmic space 
The region between the inner (cytoplasmic or plasma) membrane and outer membrane of organisms with two membranes such as Gram negative bacteria. These periplasmic spaces are relatively thick and contain a thin peptidoglycan layer (PGL), also referred to as a thin cell wall.
periplasmic flagellum 
septal periplasm 

Exact Synonyms: outer membrane-enclosed periplasmic space
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Periplasmic_space
Definition Sources: GOC:mlg, GOC:mtg_sensu

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