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small nuclear ribonucleoprotein complex (GO:0030532)
Annotations: Rat: (65) Mouse: (60) Human: (70) Chinchilla: (61) Bonobo: (63) Dog: (55) Squirrel: (1) Pig: (56)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
activated SUMO-E1 ligase complex 
apolipoprotein B mRNA editing enzyme complex  
ARC complex  
ascospore-type prospore nucleus 
ATR-ATRIP complex 
BRCA1-A complex  
BRCA1-B complex 
BRCA1-C complex 
BRCA1-Rad51 complex 
BRCA2-BRAF35 complex  
BRISC complex  
CAK-ERCC2 complex  
carboxy-terminal domain protein kinase complex +   
catenin-TCF7L2 complex +   
COP9 signalosome  
CURI complex  
cytoplasmic U snRNP body 
dense nuclear body 
DNA helicase A complex 
DNA ligase III-XRCC1 complex  
DNA ligase IV complex  
DNA-dependent protein kinase complex  
DNA-dependent protein kinase-DNA ligase 4 complex  
dosage compensation complex +  
E.F.G complex 
exon-exon junction complex +   
FHL2-CREB complex 
FHL3-CREB complex 
GATA1-TAL1-TCF3-Lmo2 complex 
GATA2-TAL1-TCF3-Lmo2 complex 
generative cell nucleus 
germ cell nucleus +   
histone pre-mRNA 3'end processing complex  
integrator complex  
Ku70:Ku80 complex  
left nucleus 
Lid2 complex 
LinE complex 
lobed nucleus 
Lsm1-7-Pat1 complex  
Lsm2-8 complex  
megasporocyte nucleus +  
Mei2 nuclear dot complex 
messenger ribonucleoprotein complex  
microprocessor complex  
microsporocyte nucleus 
mitotic checkpoint complex +   
Mre11 complex  
mRNA cap methyltransferase complex  
MTREC complex 
multi-eIF complex  
MutLalpha complex  
MutLbeta complex 
MutSalpha complex  
MutSbeta complex  
MutSgamma complex 
Noc complex +   
nuclear aryl hydrocarbon receptor complex  
nuclear cyclin-dependent protein kinase holoenzyme complex +   
nuclear DNA-directed RNA polymerase complex +   
nuclear envelope +   
nuclear inclusion body  
nuclear lumen +   
nuclear microtubule  
nuclear RNA-directed RNA polymerase complex  
nuclear stress granule  
nuclear transcription factor complex +   
nuclear ubiquitin ligase complex +   
nucleosome disassembly/reassembly complex 
nucleotide-excision repair complex +   
nucleus lagging edge 
nucleus leading edge 
P-TEFb-cap methyltransferase complex 
PcG protein complex +   
PCNA-p21 complex  
PDX1-PBX1b-MRG1 complex 
pICln-Sm protein complex  
polysome +   
pre-snoRNP complex  
preribosome +   
primary endosperm nucleus 
pronucleus +   
Rad51B-Rad51C complex 
Rad51B-Rad51C-Rad51D-XRCC2 complex  
Rad51C-XRCC3 complex  
RC-1 DNA recombination complex 
RCAF complex 
RES complex  
retrotransposon nucleocapsid 
RGS6-DNMT1-DMAP1 complex 
Rhp55-Rhp57 complex 
ribonuclease P complex +   
ribosomal subunit +   
right nucleus 
RNAi effector complex +   
signal recognition particle +   
small nuclear ribonucleoprotein complex +   
A complex composed of RNA of the small nuclear RNA (snRNA) class and protein, found in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell. These are typically named after the snRNA(s) they contain, e.g. U1 snRNP or U4/U6 snRNP. Many, but not all, of these complexes are involved in splicing of nuclear mRNAs.
small nucleolar ribonucleoprotein complex +   
SMC loading complex +   
SMN-Gemin2 complex  
SMN-Sm protein complex +   
SOSS complex  
spliceosomal complex +   
SUMO activating enzyme complex  
telomerase holoenzyme complex +   
TERT-RMRP complex  
THO complex +   
Tor2-Mei2-Ste11 complex 
TRAMP complex  
transcription export complex +   
transcription export complex 2  
translation initiation complex +   
translation initiation ternary complex  
translation preinitiation complex +   
tRNA-intron endonuclease complex  
X chromosome located dosage compensation complex, transcription activating 
XRCC2-RAD51D complex 

Exact Synonyms: small nuclear ribonucleoprotein ;   snRNP
Xrefs: Wikipedia:SnRNP
Definition Sources: GOC:krc, GOC:mah, ISBN:0879695897

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