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anchored component of membrane (GO:0031225)
Annotations: Rat: (162) Mouse: (202) Human: (195) Chinchilla: (80) Bonobo: (91) Dog: (117) Squirrel: (83) Pig: (114)
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anchored component of membrane +   
The component of a membrane consisting of the gene products that are tethered to the membrane only by a covalently attached anchor, such as a lipid group that is embedded in the membrane. Gene products with peptide sequences that are embedded in the membrane are excluded from this grouping.
integral component of membrane +   
intrinsic component of cell outer membrane +  
intrinsic component of organelle membrane +   
intrinsic component of phagophore assembly site membrane +  
intrinsic component of plasma membrane +   
intrinsic component of thylakoid membrane +  
nuclear membrane protein complex +   

Exact Synonyms: anchored to membrane
Definition Sources: GOC:dos, GOC:mah

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