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TOR complex +     
TORC1 complex  
A protein complex that contains at least TOR (target of rapamycin) and Raptor (regulatory-associated protein of TOR), or orthologs of, in complex with other signaling components. Mediates the phosphorylation and activation of S6K. In Saccharomyces, the complex contains Kog1p, Lst8p, Tco89p, and either Tor1p or Tor2p.
TORC2 complex  

Exact Synonyms: TOR complex 1 ;   TORC 1 complex ;   TORC1 ;   nutrient sensitive complex ;   rapamycin and nutrient-sensitive TOR complex
Narrow Synonyms: dTOR/dRaptor complex ;   dTORC1 ;   mTORC1
Xrefs: Wikipedia:MTORC1
Definition Sources: GOC:jh, PMID:15780592, PMID:16469695, PMID:21548787

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