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locomotion involved in locomotory behavior (GO:0031987)
Annotations: Rat: (15) Mouse: (14) Human: (13) Chinchilla: (13) Bonobo: (13) Dog: (13) Squirrel: (13)
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locomotion +     
adult locomotory behavior +   
cell motility +   
directional locomotion +   
dissemination or transmission of organism from other organism involved in symbiotic interaction +   
flight +  
larval locomotory behavior +  
locomotion involved in locomotory behavior +   
Self-propelled movement of a cell or organism from one location to another in a behavioral context; the aspect of locomotory behavior having to do with movement.
locomotor rhythm +   
locomotory exploration behavior  
movement in environment of other organism involved in symbiotic interaction +   
multicellular organismal locomotion 
negative regulation of locomotion +   
positive regulation of locomotion +   
regulation of locomotion +   
swimming behavior  
taxis +   
turning behavior +  
walking behavior +   

Exact Synonyms: locomotion during locomotory behaviour
Definition Sources: GOC:mah

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