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cytoskeleton +     
actin cytoskeleton +   
axoneme +   
bilobe structure 
ciliary rootlet  
cleavage apparatus septin structure +  
contractile vacuole pore 
cortical cytoskeleton +   
deep fiber 
goblet cell theca 
intermediate filament cytoskeleton +   
investment cone 
median body 
microtubule bundle +   
microtubule cytoskeleton +   
perinuclear theca +   
polymeric cytoskeletal fiber +   
postsynaptic cytoskeleton +   
postsynaptic septin cytoskeleton 
presynaptic cytoskeleton +   
septin band +  
septin cap +  
septin collar +   
septin complex +   
septin cytoskeleton +   
septin filament array +   
septin ring +   
spectrin-associated cytoskeleton +   
spindle matrix  
split septin rings +  
A pair of rings that flank the site of cell division, formed by splitting of the septin ring (or collar) prior to cytokinesis; this double ring structure is thought to trap proteins needed for cytokinesis or the formation of the new membrane or cell wall between the two septin rings. Split septin rings are known to occur in budding yeast cells and probably occur in other cell types as well.
subpellicular network 
tripartite attachment complex 
tubulin complex  

Definition Sources: GOC:krc, PMID:16009555, PMID:16151244

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