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plasma membrane bounded cell projection cytoplasm (GO:0032838)
Annotations: Rat: (240) Mouse: (182) Human: (238) Chinchilla: (142) Bonobo: (145) Dog: (203) Squirrel: (141) Pig: (206)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
actin-based cell projection +   
cell cortex region +   
cell hair 
cell projection membrane +   
cilium +   
dendritic cell dendrite 
dinoflagellate peduncle 
glial cell projection +   
invadopodium +   
lamellipodium +   
macropinocytic cup +   
mating projection +  
muscle cell projection +   
neuron projection +   
plasma membrane bounded cell projection cytoplasm +   
All of the contents of a plasma membrane bounded cell projection, excluding the plasma membrane surrounding the projection.
podocyte foot  
podocyte primary projection 
pollen tube +  
pseudopodium +   
rhabdomere +   
root hair +  
ruffle +   
uropod +   

Definition Sources: GOC:krc, GOC:mah

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