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actin cytoskeleton +   
axoneme +   
bilobe structure 
ciliary rootlet  
contractile vacuole pore 
cortical cytoskeleton +   
cytoplasmic periphery of the nuclear pore complex  
deep fiber 
goblet cell theca 
intermediate filament cytoskeleton +   
investment cone 
median body 
microtubule bundle +   
microtubule cytoskeleton +   
mutator focus 
perinuclear endoplasmic reticulum +   
perinuclear theca +   
A condensed cytoplasmic structure that covers the nucleus of mammalian spermatozoa except for a narrow zone around the insertion of the tail. It shows two distinct regions, a subacrosomal layer and, continuing caudally beyond the acrosomic system, the postacrosomal sheath. The perinuclear theca has been considered a cytoskeletal scaffold responsible for maintaining the overall architecture of the mature sperm head; however, recent studies indicate that the bulk of its constituent proteins are not traditional cytoskeletal proteins but rather a variety of cytosolic proteins.
polymeric cytoskeletal fiber +   
postsynaptic cytoskeleton +   
presynaptic cytoskeleton +   
septin cap +  
septin collar +   
septin cytoskeleton +   
septin filament array +   
septin ring +   
spectrin-associated cytoskeleton +   
spindle matrix  
split septin rings +  
subpellicular network 
tripartite attachment complex 
tubulin complex  

Definition Sources: PMID:17289678, PMID:8025156

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