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acrosomal vesicle +   
aleurone grain lumen 
azurophil granule +   
chromaffin granule +   
clathrin-sculpted acetylcholine transport vesicle lumen 
clathrin-sculpted gamma-aminobutyric acid transport vesicle lumen 
clathrin-sculpted glutamate transport vesicle lumen 
clathrin-sculpted monoamine transport vesicle lumen 
COPI-coated vesicle lumen 
COPII-coated vesicle lumen 
cortical granule  
cytolytic granule lumen 
dense core granule +   
esterosome lumen 
ficolin-1-rich granule +   
Golgi-associated vesicle lumen  
insulin-responsive compartment  
lamellar body +   
melanosome lumen 
mucin granule  
phagolysosome vesicle lumen 
plasma membrane-derived thylakoid lumen 
platelet alpha granule +   
platelet dense granule +   
secretory granule lumen +   
The volume enclosed by the membrane of a secretory granule.
secretory granule membrane +   
specific granule +   
spine apparatus lumen 
synaptic vesicle lumen  
tertiary granule +   
transport vesicle lumen +  
Weibel-Palade body  
zymogen granule +   

Definition Sources: GOC:rph

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