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imaginal disc lineage restriction (GO:0035161)
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anterior/posterior pattern specification, imaginal disc +  
axis specification +   
cell fate commitment involved in pattern specification +   
dorsal/ventral pattern formation, imaginal disc +  
embryonic pattern specification +   
genital disc pattern formation +  
head segmentation +  
imaginal disc lineage restriction +  
Formation and/or maintenance of a lineage boundary between compartments in an imaginal disc that cells cannot cross, thus separating the populations of cells in each compartment.
internode patterning 
intracellular mRNA localization involved in pattern specification process +  
leg disc pattern formation +  
lung pattern specification process +   
maintenance of left/right asymmetry +  
neural plate pattern specification +   
ommatidial rotation 
pattern specification involved in kidney development +   
proximal/distal pattern formation, imaginal disc +  
regionalization +   
regulation of R8 cell spacing in compound eye +  
renal system pattern specification +   
segment specification +   
specification of axis polarity +   
specification of symmetry +   
wing disc pattern formation +  

Definition Sources: GOC:bf, PMID:10625531, PMID:9374402

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