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head segmentation (GO:0035287)
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anterior head development +   
axis specification +   
brain development +   
cell fate commitment involved in pattern specification +   
embryonic pattern specification +   
face development +   
head morphogenesis +   
head segmentation +  
Partitioning the insect head anlage into a fixed number of segmental units. The number of segments composing the insect head has long been a subject of debate, but it is generally agreed that there are 6 or 7 segments. From anterior to posterior the head segments are the procephalic segments (labral, (ocular), antennal and intercalary) and the gnathal segments (mandibular, maxillary and labial).
imaginal disc lineage restriction +  
internode patterning 
intracellular mRNA localization involved in pattern specification process +  
lung pattern specification process +   
maintenance of left/right asymmetry +  
neural plate pattern specification +   
ommatidial rotation 
pattern specification involved in kidney development +   
periodic partitioning +  
regionalization +   
regulation of R8 cell spacing in compound eye +  
renal system pattern specification +   
segment specification +   
specification of axis polarity +   
specification of symmetry +   
tripartite regional subdivision +   
trunk segmentation +   

Never In Taxon: NCBITaxon:7742 ! Vertebrata
Definition Sources: PMID:10477305, PMID:7915837

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