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3-hydroxyphenyl propanoate transport 
3-hydroxyphenylpropionic acid transmembrane transport 
4-hydroxyphenylacetate transport 
abscisic acid transport 
achromobactin transport 
activin secretion +  
aldosterone secretion +   
androstenedione secretion +  
aspartate secretion +   
bile acid and bile salt transport +   
catecholamine transport +   
chrysobactin transport 
corticosterone secretion +   
cortisol secretion +   
cycloheximide transport 
dehydroepiandrosterone secretion +  
doxorubicin transport  
endocrine hormone secretion +   
enterobactin transport +   
estradiol secretion +   
The regulated release of estradiol into the circulatory system.
estrone secretion +  
ethanolamine transport 
fluconazole transport 
glutamate secretion +   
glycolate transport +  
histamine secretion involved in inflammatory response +   
hydroxyectoine transport 
intestinal phytosterol absorption +   
isopropylmalate transport +  
juvenile hormone secretion +  
lactate transport +   
mevalonate transport  
negative regulation of hormone secretion +   
octopamine secretion +  
p-coumaryl alcohol transport 
peptide hormone secretion +   
polyol transport +   
positive regulation of hormone secretion +   
prostaglandin secretion +   
pyridoxal phosphate transport 
pyridoxal transport +  
pyridoxamine transport +  
pyridoxine transport +  
regulation of hormone secretion +   
retinol transport +   
salicin transport 
serotonin transport +   
shikimate transmembrane transport 
steroid hormone secretion +   
sterol transport +   
testosterone secretion +   
tetracycline transmembrane transport  
tyramine secretion +  

Exact Synonyms: oestradiol secretion
Definition Sources: GOC:sl, PMID:21632818

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