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synaptic vesicle recycling (GO:0036465)
Annotations: Rat: (81) Mouse: (74) Human: (74) Chinchilla: (70) Bonobo: (70) Dog: (71) Squirrel: (70)
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axonal dopamine secretion +  
calcium import into the mitochondrion involved in negative regulation of presynaptic cytosolic calcium concentration 
calcium ion transport into cytosol +   
cofactor transport +   
drug transport +   
establishment of centrosome localization  
establishment of chromosome localization +   
establishment of ER localization +   
establishment of Golgi localization  
establishment of plastid localization +  
establishment of protein localization to mitochondrial membrane +   
establishment of spindle localization +   
establishment of spindle pole body localization +  
establishment of vesicle localization +   
extracellular transport +   
eye pigment precursor transport 
fatty-acyl group transport 
fluid transport +   
gas transport +   
hormone transport +   
import into cell +   
insulin secretion involved in cellular response to glucose stimulus +   
intercellular transport +   
intestinal absorption +   
intracellular transport +   
ion transport +   
iron import into cell +   
microtubule-based transport +   
mitochondrial transport +   
multi-organism transport +   
negative regulation of transport +   
neurotransmitter loading into synaptic vesicle +   
neurotransmitter reuptake +   
neurotransmitter secretion +   
neurotransmitter transport +   
nitrogen compound transport +   
organic substance transport +   
ovarian nurse cell to oocyte transport +  
pigment granule transport +   
positive regulation of transport +   
postsynaptic dense core vesicle exocytosis +  
postsynaptic endocytosis +   
postsynaptic neurotransmitter receptor cycle  
presynaptic endocytosis +   
protein insertion into mitochondrial membrane +   
regulation of synaptic vesicle cycle +   
regulation of transport +   
secretion +   
somato-dendritic dopamine secretion 
substrate localization to autophagosome  
sulfur compound transport +   
synaptic vesicle clustering +   
synaptic vesicle cycle +   
synaptic vesicle exocytosis +   
synaptic vesicle lumen acidification +   
synaptic vesicle recycling +   
The trafficking of synaptic vesicles from the pre-synaptic membrane so the vesicle can dock and prime for another round of exocytosis and neurotransmitter release. Recycling occurs after synaptic vesicle exocytosis, and is necessary to replenish presynaptic vesicle pools, sustain transmitter release and preserve the structural integrity of the presynaptic membrane. Recycling can occur following transient fusion with the presynaptic membrane (kiss and run), or via endocytosis of presynaptic membrane.
synaptic vesicle transport +   
toxin transport +   
transepithelial transport +   
transmembrane transport +   
vacuolar transport +   
vascular transport +   
vesicle cargo loading +   
vesicle-mediated transport +   
vitamin transport +   
xenobiotic transport +   

Narrow Synonyms: kiss-and-run synaptic vesicle recycling ;   kiss-and-stay synaptic vesicle recycling
Definition Sources: GOC:bf, GOC:pad, GOC:PARL, PMID:15217342, PMID:22026965, PMID:23245563

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