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DNA recombination +     
base-excision repair, AP site formation +   
base-excision repair, base-free sugar-phosphate removal  
base-excision repair, gap-filling  
DNA biosynthetic process +   
DNA catabolic process +   
DNA double-strand break processing +   
DNA excision +   
DNA integration +   
DNA ligation +   
DNA ligation involved in DNA recombination  
DNA modification +   
DNA protection  
DNA recombination +   
DNA repair +   
DNA replication initiation +   
DNA replication termination +   
DNA replication, Okazaki fragment processing +   
DNA replication, removal of RNA primer +   
DNA replication, synthesis of RNA primer +   
DNA strand elongation +   
DNA strand renaturation +   
DNA strand resection involved in replication fork processing +   
DNA topological change  
DNA-dependent DNA replication maintenance of fidelity +   
establishment of imprinting at mating-type locus +   
formation of extrachromosomal circular DNA +   
G-quadruplex DNA formation  
gap filling involved in double-strand break repair via nonhomologous end joining 
gene conversion +   
genetic imprinting at mating-type locus +   
heteroduplex formation +  
homologous recombination +   
intrachromosomal DNA recombination 
intron homing +  
lagging strand initiation 
maintenance of DNA methylation  
maintenance of DNA repeat elements +   
maintenance of imprinting at mating-type locus  
meiotic heteroduplex formation 
mitochondrial DNA metabolic process +   
mitochondrion DNA recombination 
mitotic recombination +   
negative regulation of DNA metabolic process +   
negative regulation of DNA recombination +   
nucleotide-excision repair, DNA gap filling  
plasmid recombination 
plastid DNA metabolic process +  
positive regulation of DNA metabolic process +   
positive regulation of DNA recombination +   
programmed DNA elimination +   
R-loop disassembly  
recombination within rDNA repeats +  
recombinational repair +   
regulation of DNA metabolic process +   
regulation of DNA recombination +   
removal of nonhomologous ends +   
resolution of recombination intermediates +   
RNA-mediated DNA recombination 
somatic cell DNA recombination +   
strand displacement +   
strand invasion +   
The process in which the nucleoprotein complex (composed of the broken single-strand DNA and the recombinase) searches and identifies a region of homology in intact duplex DNA. The broken single-strand DNA displaces the like strand and forms Watson-Crick base pairs with its complement, forming a duplex in which each strand is from one of the two recombining DNA molecules.
telomere maintenance +   
transposition, DNA-mediated +   

Exact Synonyms: Rad51-mediated strand invasion
Related Synonyms: D-loop biosynthesis ;   D-loop formation ;   displacement loop biosynthesis ;   displacement loop formation
Definition Sources: GOC:elh, PMID:10357855

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