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uterine wall growth (GO:0042702)
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growth +     
luteinization +     
antral ovarian follicle growth +   
apoptotic process involved in luteolysis  
budding cell bud growth +  
cell growth +   
cumulus cell differentiation +  
developmental growth +   
filamentous growth +  
follicle-stimulating hormone signaling pathway  
follicular fluid formation in ovarian follicle antrum +  
generation of ovulation cycle rhythm  
growth involved in symbiotic interaction +   
initiation of primordial ovarian follicle growth  
lateral growth +  
luteinization +   
luteolysis +   
negative regulation of growth +   
negative regulation of progesterone biosynthesis involved in luteolysis 
ovarian cumulus expansion  
ovarian follicle endowment 
ovarian follicle rupture  
ovulation from ovarian follicle +   
positive regulation of growth +   
preantral ovarian follicle growth  
primary growth 
primary ovarian follicle growth +   
progesterone secretion +   
regulation of growth +   
uterine wall breakdown  
uterine wall growth 
The regrowth of the endometrium and blood vessels in the uterus following menstruation, resulting from a rise in progesterone levels.

Definition Sources: GOC:jl

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