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presynapse +     
synaptic membrane +     
axon terminus +   
dendritic spine membrane +   
extrinsic component of synaptic membrane +   
intrinsic component of synaptic membrane +   
postsynaptic endocytic zone membrane +   
postsynaptic membrane +   
postsynaptic specialization membrane +   
presynaptic active zone +   
presynaptic active zone membrane +   
presynaptic cytoskeleton +   
presynaptic cytosol  
presynaptic endocytic zone +   
presynaptic endocytic zone membrane +   
presynaptic endosome +   
presynaptic membrane +   
A specialized area of membrane of the axon terminal that faces the plasma membrane of the neuron or muscle fiber with which the axon terminal establishes a synaptic junction; many synaptic junctions exhibit structural presynaptic characteristics, such as conical, electron-dense internal protrusions, that distinguish it from the remainder of the axon plasma membrane.
presynaptic periactive zone 
synaptic vesicle +   
terminal bouton +   

Exact Synonyms: pre-synaptic membrane ;   presynaptic plasma membrane
Definition Sources: GOC:jl, ISBN:0815316194

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