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ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling (GO:0043044)
Annotations: Rat: (47) Mouse: (46) Human: (93) Chinchilla: (24) Bonobo: (25) Dog: (44) Squirrel: (23) Pig: (44)
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ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling +   
Dynamic structural changes to eukaryotic chromatin that require energy from the hydrolysis of ATP, ranging from local changes necessary for transcriptional regulation to global changes necessary for chromosome segregation, mediated by ATP-dependent chromatin-remodelling factors.
chromatin remodeling at centromere +   
chromatin remodeling in response to cation stress 
chromatin remodeling involved in meiosis I 
heterochromatin assembly +   
nucleosome mobilization  

Exact Synonyms: ATP-dependent chromatin remodelling
Definition Sources: GOC:jl, PMID:12042764

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