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synapse +     
angiogenin-PRI complex  
cerebellar Golgi cell to granule cell synapse  
cholinergic synapse +   
dopaminergic synapse  
excitatory synapse +   
extracellular ferritin complex 
extracellular isoamylase complex 
extracellular matrix +   
extracellular organelle +   
extracellular space +   
extrahaustorial matrix 
extraorganismal space 
GABA-ergic synapse +   
glutamatergic synapse +   
glycinergic synapse  
hyaluranon cable  
inhibitory synapse +   
intercellular bridge +   
mucus layer +   
neuromuscular junction +   
neuron to neuron synapse +   
noradrenergic synapse 
perforant pathway to dendrate granule cell synapse 
perisynaptic space +   
perivitelline space  
pituitary gonadotropin complex +   
polyadic synapse 
postsynapse +   
presynapse +   
ribbon synapse +   
Schaffer collateral - CA1 synapse  
serotonergic synapse  
synaptic cleft +   
The narrow gap that separates the presynaptic and postsynaptic membranes, into which neurotransmitter is released.
synaptic membrane +   

Xrefs: NIF_Subcellular:sao243541954
Definition Sources: GOC:jl,

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