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regulation of symbiotic process (GO:0043903)
Annotations: Rat: (223) Mouse: (236) Human: (257) Chinchilla: (184) Bonobo: (204) Dog: (212) Squirrel: (185) Pig: (212)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
acquisition of nutrients from other organism during symbiotic interaction +  
adhesion of symbiont to host +   
arbuscular mycorrhizal association 
growth of symbiont in host +   
hemolysis in other organism involved in symbiotic interaction +  
interaction with host +   
interaction with symbiont +   
modulation of host virulence by virus 
multi-species biofilm formation +  
negative regulation of biological process +   
nodulation +  
positive regulation of biological process +   
regulation of action potential +   
regulation of asexual reproduction +  
regulation of behavior +   
regulation of biomineralization +   
regulation of carbohydrate utilization  
regulation of carbon utilization 
regulation of cellular process +   
regulation of circadian rhythm +   
regulation of developmental pigmentation +   
regulation of developmental process +   
regulation of estrogen receptor binding +   
regulation of growth +   
regulation of guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity +   
regulation of hemostasis +   
regulation of immune system process +   
regulation of localization +   
regulation of locomotion +   
regulation of membrane hyperpolarization +   
regulation of metabolic process +   
regulation of multi-organism process +   
regulation of multicellular organismal process +   
regulation of nitrogen utilization +   
regulation of phosphorus utilization +  
regulation of plasma lipoprotein particle levels +   
regulation of reproductive process +   
regulation of response to stimulus +   
regulation of signaling +   
regulation of sulfur utilization +  
regulation of symbiotic process +   
Any process that modulates the frequency, rate or extent of symbiosis, an interaction between two organisms living together in more or less intimate association.
reproduction of symbiont in host 
symbiont tolerance to host environment 
symbiotic process benefiting host 
viral process +   

Broad Synonyms: regulation of interspecies interactions between organisms
Related Synonyms: regulation of symbiosis, encompassing mutualism through parasitism
Definition Sources: GOC:jl

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