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negative regulation of molecular function (GO:0044092)
Annotations: Rat: (1144) Mouse: (996) Human: (1145) Chinchilla: (1013) Bonobo: (1068) Dog: (1061) Squirrel: (1030)
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negative regulation of molecular function +   
Any process that stops or reduces the rate or extent of a molecular function, an elemental biological activity occurring at the molecular level, such as catalysis or binding.
positive regulation of molecular function +   
regulation of binding +   
regulation of catalytic activity +   
regulation of DNA-binding transcription factor activity +   
regulation of molecular function, epigenetic +   
regulation of nuclear receptor transcription coactivator activity +   
regulation of RNA binding transcription factor activity +   
regulation of signaling receptor activity +   
regulation of transporter activity +   

Definition Sources: GO:jl

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