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host cell membrane +     
host cell part +     
extrahaustorial membrane 
host caveola 
A small pit, depression, or invagination, such as any of the minute pits or incuppings of the host cell membrane formed during pinocytosis, that communicates with the outside of a host cell and extends inward, indenting the host cytoplasm and the host cell membrane. Such caveolae may be pinched off to form free vesicles within the host cytoplasm. The host is defined as the larger of the organisms involved in a symbiotic interaction.
host cell cytoplasmic vesicle membrane +  
host cell endomembrane system +  
host cell endoplasmic reticulum membrane +  
host cell endoplasmic reticulum-Golgi intermediate compartment membrane 
host cell endosome membrane +  
host cell envelope +  
host cell Golgi membrane 
host cell junction +  
host cell lysosomal membrane 
host cell membrane +   
host cell membrane pore complex 
host cell mitochondrial membrane +  
host cell nuclear membrane +  
host cell periphery 
host cell periplasmic space 
host cell plasma membrane +  
host cell postsynaptic membrane 
host cell presynaptic membrane  
host cell projection +  
host cell surface  
host cell synapse +   
host cell wall 
host intracellular part +   
host intracellular region +   
host outer membrane +  
host peribacteroid fluid 
host peribacteroid membrane 
host thylakoid membrane +  
hyphal membrane 
integral to membrane of host cell +  
pathogen-containing vacuole +  
periarbuscular membrane 
symbiont-containing vacuolar membrane network 
symbiont-containing vacuolar space 
symbiont-containing vacuole membrane +   
viral factory +   

Definition Sources: GOC:rph

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