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neuron projection +     
accessory outer segment 
axon +   
cell body fiber  
dendrite +   
dendritic filopodium  
dendritic tree +   
growth cone filopodium  
growth cone lamellipodium  
kinocilium +   
Lewy neurite  
neuron projection branch point +   
neuron projection cytoplasm +   
neuron projection membrane +   
neuron projection terminus +   
neuron spine +   
A small membranous protrusion, often ending in a bulbous head and attached to the neuron by a narrow stalk or neck.
photoreceptor cell cilium +   
proximal neuron projection  
rod spherule  
stereocilium +   
telodendria +  

Broad Synonyms: spine
Xrefs: NIF_Subcellular:sao1145756102
Definition Sources: ISBN:0198504888, NIF_Subcellular:sao1145756102

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