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Golgi vesicle bud deformation and release (GO:0048198)
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COPI-coated vesicle budding +   
COPII-coated vesicle budding +   
endoplasmic reticulum membrane organization +   
endoplasmic reticulum tubular network membrane organization  
Golgi transport vesicle coating +   
Golgi vesicle bud deformation and release 
The process in which cytosolic coat proteins fit together in a basketlike convex framework to form a coated deformed region on the cytoplasmic surface of the membrane. The deformed region forms into a complete vesicle and is released.
intermembrane lipid transfer +   
lysosomal membrane organization +   
membrane addition at site of cytokinesis +  
membrane assembly +   
membrane bending +   
membrane disassembly +   
membrane fission +   
membrane fusion +   
membrane invagination +   
membrane raft organization +   
membrane tubulation +   
midbody abscission  
mitochondrial membrane organization +   
multi-organism membrane organization +   
neuronal ion channel clustering +   
nuclear envelope organization +   
nuclear membrane biogenesis involved in mitotic nuclear division 
nuclear membrane organization +   
phospholipid transfer to membrane  
plasma membrane organization +   
plastid membrane organization +  
postsynaptic membrane organization +   
presynaptic membrane organization +   
protein insertion into membrane +   
protein transport within lipid bilayer +   
regulation of membrane lipid distribution +   
spore membrane bending pathway 
synaptic vesicle membrane organization +   
T-tubule organization  
trans-Golgi network membrane organization  
vesicle budding from membrane +   

Exact Synonyms: Golgi-derived vesicle bud deformation and release
Narrow Synonyms: dictyosome vesicle bud deformation
Definition Sources: GOC:jid, ISBN:0716731363, PMID:10219233

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