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protein secretion +     
adiponectin secretion +   
amylase secretion +   
basolateral protein secretion 
BMP secretion +  
chemokine production +   
connective tissue growth factor production +   
cytokine biosynthetic process +   
cytokine production involved in immune response +   
cytokine production involved in inflammatory response +   
cytokine secretion +   
The regulated release of cytokines from a cell. Cytokines are any of a group of proteins that function to control the survival, growth and differentiation of tissues and cells, and which have autocrine and paracrine activity.
fibroblast growth factor production +   
granulocyte colony-stimulating factor production +   
granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor production +   
hepatocyte growth factor production +   
immunoglobulin secretion +   
insulin secretion +   
interferon-gamma production +   
interleukin-1 production +   
interleukin-10 production +   
interleukin-11 production +  
interleukin-12 production +   
interleukin-13 production +   
interleukin-14 production +  
interleukin-15 production +   
interleukin-16 production +  
interleukin-17 production +   
interleukin-18 production +   
interleukin-19 production +  
interleukin-2 production +   
interleukin-20 production +  
interleukin-21 production +   
interleukin-22 production +  
interleukin-23 production +   
interleukin-24 production +  
interleukin-25 production +  
interleukin-26 production +  
interleukin-27 production +  
interleukin-3 production +   
interleukin-30 production +  
interleukin-31 production +  
interleukin-32 production +  
interleukin-33 production +  
interleukin-35 production +  
interleukin-4 production +   
interleukin-5 production +   
interleukin-6 production +   
interleukin-7 production +  
interleukin-8 production +   
interleukin-9 production +   
macrophage colony-stimulating factor production +   
macrophage migration inhibitory factor production 
matrix metallopeptidase secretion +   
negative regulation of cytokine production +   
negative regulation of protein secretion +   
Oncostatin M production 
pancreatic trypsinogen secretion +   
platelet activating factor production +  
platelet-derived growth factor production +   
positive regulation of cytokine production +   
positive regulation of protein secretion +   
prolactin secretion +   
protein secretion by platelet  
protein secretion by the type I secretion system 
protein secretion by the type II secretion system 
protein secretion by the type III secretion system 
protein secretion by the type IV secretion system 
protein secretion by the type V secretion system 
protein secretion by the type VI secretion system 
protein secretion by the type VII secretion system 
regulation of cytokine production +   
regulation of fibroblast growth factor production +   
regulation of protein secretion +   
renin secretion into blood stream +   
secretion of lysosomal enzymes +   
transforming growth factor beta production +   
tumor necrosis factor superfamily cytokine production +   
type I interferon production +   
type III interferon production +   
vascular endothelial growth factor production +   
Wnt protein secretion +   

Narrow Synonyms: interferon secretion ;   interleukin secretion
Definition Sources: GOC:ai, GOC:bf, ISBN:0198599471

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