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localization +     
cellular localization +   
A cellular localization process whereby a substance or cellular entity, such as a protein complex or organelle, is transported to, and/or maintained in, a specific location within a cell including the localization of substances or cellular entities to the cell membrane.
contractile ring localization +  
establishment of localization +   
localization of cell +   
macromolecule localization +   
maintenance of location +   
microtubule organizing center localization +   
multi-organism localization +   
nitric oxide storage  
regulation of localization +   

Exact Synonyms: cellular localisation ;   establishment and maintenance of cellular localization ;   establishment and maintenance of localization in cell or cell membrane
Narrow Synonyms: intracellular localization ;   localization within cell
Related Synonyms: single-organism cellular localization
Alternate IDs: GO:1902580
Definition Sources: GOC:tb, GOC:vw

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