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acquisition of nutrients from other organism during symbiotic interaction +  
adhesion of symbiont to host +   
arbuscular mycorrhizal association 
coflocculation +  
development involved in symbiotic interaction +   
growth involved in symbiotic interaction +   
growth of symbiont in host +   
hemolysis in other organism involved in symbiotic interaction +  
interaction with host +   
interaction with symbiont +   
An interaction between two organisms living together in more or less intimate association. The term symbiont is used for the smaller (macro) of the two members of a symbiosis; the various forms of symbiosis include parasitism, commensalism and mutualism.
killing of cells of other organism +   
metabolism of substance in other organism involved in symbiotic interaction +   
modulation of process of other organism +   
multi-species biofilm formation +  
nodulation +  
pathogenesis +   
regulation of symbiotic process +   
rejection of pollen from other species 
reproduction of symbiont in host 
response to other organism +   
symbiont tolerance to host environment 
symbiotic process +   
symbiotic process benefiting host 
viral process +   

Definition Sources: GOC:cc

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