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multi-organism behavior (GO:0051705)
Annotations: Rat: (78) Mouse: (75) Human: (71) Chinchilla: (68) Bonobo: (67) Dog: (69) Squirrel: (68)
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behavior +     
acquisition of nutrients from other organism during symbiotic interaction +  
adhesion of symbiont to host +   
adult behavior +   
aggregation of unicellular organisms +  
behavioral defense response +   
behavioral response to nutrient +   
behavioral response to pain +   
behavioral response to water deprivation 
behavioral response to wounding 
chemosensory behavior +   
crying behavior 
development involved in symbiotic interaction +   
exploration behavior +   
feeding behavior +   
feeding on or from other organism +  
foraging behavior +  
general adaptation syndrome, behavioral process  
grooming behavior +   
growth involved in symbiotic interaction +   
hatching behavior 
host-seeking behavior +  
interspecies interaction between organisms +   
intraspecies interaction between organisms +   
larval behavior +  
learning or memory +   
locomotory behavior +   
mechanosensory behavior +   
motor behavior +   
multi organism cell adhesion +   
multi-multicellular organism process +   
multi-organism behavior +   
Any process in which an organism has a behavioral effect on another organism of the same or different species.
multi-organism cellular process +   
multi-organism localization +   
multi-organism metabolic process +   
multi-organism reproductive process +   
negative regulation of behavior +   
negative regulation of multi-organism process +   
positive regulation of behavior +   
positive regulation of multi-organism process +   
regulation of behavior +   
regulation of multi-organism process +   
reproductive behavior +   
response to other organism +   
rhythmic behavior +   
thermosensory behavior  
visual behavior +   
vocalization behavior +   

Exact Synonyms: behavioral interaction between organisms ;   behavioral interaction with other organism ;   behavioural interaction between organisms ;   behavioural interaction with other organism
Narrow Synonyms: behavioral signaling ;   behavioral signalling
Alternate IDs: GO:0023032 ;   GO:0044709
Definition Sources: GOC:ai

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