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general adaptation syndrome (GO:0051866)
Annotations: Rat: (3) Mouse: (2) Human: (4) Chinchilla: (3) Bonobo: (3) Dog: (3) Squirrel: (3)
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fear response +   
general adaptation syndrome +   
General adaptation syndrome is the set of changes in various organ systems of the body, especially the pituitary-endocrine system, in response to a wide range of strong external stimuli, both physiological and psychological. It is described as having three stages: alarm reaction, where the body detects the external stimulus; adaptation, where the body engages defensive countermeasures against the stressor; and exhaustion, where the body begins to run out of defenses.
response to pain +   

Exact Synonyms: general adaptation syndrome, physiological process ;   general adaptation syndrome, physiological response ;   physiological process during general adaptation syndrome ;   physiological response during general adaptation syndrome
Alternate IDs: GO:0051868
Definition Sources: http://www.onelook.com, PMID:14847556, Wikipedia:General_adaptation_syndrome

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