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regulation of cellular localization (GO:0060341)
Annotations: Rat: (994) Mouse: (944) Human: (908) Chinchilla: (872) Bonobo: (883) Dog: (884) Squirrel: (877)
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actin cortical patch localization +   
actin fusion focus localization 
cellular macromolecule localization +   
establishment of localization in cell +   
intracellular transport +   
localization within membrane +   
maintenance of location in cell +   
multi-organism cellular localization +   
organelle localization +   
regulation of actomyosin contractile ring localization +  
regulation of cellular component movement +   
regulation of cellular localization +   
Any process that modulates the frequency, rate or extent of a process in which a cell, a substance, or a cellular entity is transported to, or maintained in a specific location within or in the membrane of a cell.
regulation of defense response by callose deposition 
regulation of establishment of RNA localization to telomere +   
regulation of horizontal cell localization +  
regulation of lipid localization +   
regulation of protein localization +   
regulation of sequestering of calcium ion +   
regulation of sequestering of zinc ion +   
regulation of telomerase RNA localization to Cajal body +   
regulation of transport +   
ribonucleoprotein complex localization +   
spindle pole body localization +  

Exact Synonyms: regulation of cellular localisation
Definition Sources: GOC:dph, GOC:tb

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