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labyrinthine layer formation (GO:0060714)
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acquisition of desiccation tolerance in seed 
acrosome assembly  
actinomycete-type spore formation 
adenohypophysis formation 
adrenal cortex formation  
aerenchyma formation 
amelogenesis +   
amnioserosa formation 
angiogenesis +   
angiogenic sprout fusion +   
animal organ formation +   
anterior neural plate formation +  
anterior/posterior axis specification, follicular epithelium 
anther development +  
anther septum development 
anther wall tapetum cell differentiation +  
anther wall tapetum cell fate specification 
anther wall tapetum development +  
anther wall tapetum formation +  
anther wall tapetum morphogenesis +  
antral ovarian follicle growth +   
apical cell fate commitment 
apical ectodermal ridge formation +  
arthrospore formation 
ascospore release from ascus +  
ascospore wall assembly 
ascospore-type prospore assembly +  
ascospore-type prospore membrane assembly +  
asexual spore wall assembly 
beak formation 
blastocyst formation +   
blood microparticle formation +   
branching involved in labyrinthine layer morphogenesis +   
branching involved in seminal vesicle morphogenesis 
cardiac chamber formation +   
cell differentiation involved in embryonic placenta development +   
cell morphogenesis involved in conjugation with cellular fusion +  
cellular component assembly involved in morphogenesis +   
cellularization +   
central nervous system formation 
centrosomal and pronuclear rotation 
cephalic furrow formation 
cerebellar cortex formation +   
cerebellar granular layer formation +   
cerebellar molecular layer formation +   
cerebellar Purkinje cell layer formation +   
cerebellum formation  
chorio-allantoic fusion  
chorion micropyle formation 
chorion-containing eggshell pattern formation 
conidiophore stalk development +  
cotyledon morphogenesis +  
cranial nerve formation +   
cumulus cell differentiation +  
dentinogenesis +   
development of primary sexual characteristics +   
development of secondary sexual characteristics +   
dichotomous subdivision of prostate epithelial cord terminal unit 
donor selection +  
dorsal appendage formation 
dorsal motor nucleus of vagus nerve formation +  
dorsal/ventral axis specification, ovarian follicular epithelium +  
ectodermal placode formation +   
ectopic germ cell programmed cell death  
eggshell chorion assembly +  
eggshell formation +  
embryo development ending in seed dormancy +  
embryo sac egg cell differentiation +  
embryonic camera-type eye formation +   
embryonic meristem development +  
embryonic placenta development +   
embryonic placenta morphogenesis +   
endocardial cushion formation +   
endocardium formation  
endosperm development +  
epithelial cell differentiation involved in prostate gland development +   
epithelial cell maturation involved in prostate gland development  
epithelial cell morphogenesis involved in placental branching  
establishment of floral organ orientation +  
floor plate formation  
floral meristem determinacy 
floral meristem growth +  
floral organ abscission +  
floral organ development +  
floral organ formation +  
floral organ morphogenesis +  
floral organ senescence 
floral whorl development +  
floral whorl formation 
floral whorl morphogenesis +  
floral whorl structural organization 
flower formation 
flower morphogenesis +  
flower structural organization +  
forebrain-midbrain boundary formation  
formation of anatomical boundary +   
formation of infection structure on or near host +  
formation of primary germ layer +   
formation of specialized structure for nutrient acquisition from other organism involved in symbiotic interaction +  
fruit morphogenesis 
fruit replum development 
fruit ripening +  
fruit septum development 
fruit valve development 
fungiform papilla formation  
ganglion formation +  
genital disc sexually dimorphic development 
genitalia morphogenesis +   
germ cell development +   
germ-line cyst encapsulation +  
germarium-derived egg chamber formation +  
germarium-derived oocyte fate determination 
germinal center formation +   
gonad morphogenesis +   
growth of a germarium-derived egg chamber +  
heart rudiment formation +  
heart valve formation +   
hindbrain formation +   
Hulle cell development +  
hypophysis formation 
inferior olivary nucleus formation 
inflorescence meristem growth +  
inflorescence morphogenesis +  
integument development 
kidney rudiment formation +   
labyrinthine layer formation 
The developmental process pertaining to the initial formation of the labyrinthine layer of the placenta.
labyrinthine layer morphogenesis +   
lamina terminalis formation 
layer formation in cerebral cortex +   
leaflet formation +  
Leydig cell differentiation  
limb bud formation +   
locus ceruleus formation 
longitudinal axis specification 
lung lobe formation  
lymphangiogenesis +   
male anatomical structure morphogenesis +   
mammary gland branching involved in pregnancy +   
mammary gland branching involved in thelarche  
mammary gland bud formation +   
mammary gland formation +   
maternal placenta development +   
mating projection assembly +  
medulla oblongata formation +  
menstrual cycle 
mesenchymal-epithelial cell signaling involved in prostate induction 
metanephric cap formation +  
metula development +  
microsporocyte differentiation 
midbrain-hindbrain boundary initiation  
Mullerian duct regression  
Nebenkern assembly 
nectary development 
neural crest formation +   
neural fold elevation formation  
neural fold formation +   
neural fold hinge point formation 
neural keel formation 
neural plate formation +   
neural rod formation +  
neurohypophysis formation 
nipple sheath formation  
notochord formation  
nurse cell apoptotic process +  
oocyte axis specification +   
oocyte construction +   
oocyte differentiation +   
oocyte fate commitment 
oocyte growth +   
oocyte maturation +   
oocyte morphogenesis 
optic cup formation involved in camera-type eye development  
optic vesicle formation 
otolith formation +   
ovarian follicle atresia  
ovarian follicle cell development +  
ovarian follicle cell stalk formation 
ovary septum development 
oviduct morphogenesis 
paramesonephric duct development  
phialide development +  
placenta blood vessel development +   
plant organ formation +  
plant ovule development +  
plant ovule morphogenesis +  
plantlet formation on parent plant 
platelet formation +   
pole cell development +  
pole cell fate determination 
pole cell formation 
pollen sperm cell differentiation 
pollen tube development +  
pollen tube growth +  
pons formation +  
posterior neural plate formation +  
prechordal plate formation  
primary shoot apical meristem specification 
primary spermatocyte growth  
primitive streak formation +   
prostate field specification +   
prostate gland epithelium morphogenesis +   
prostate gland growth +   
prostate gland morphogenesis +   
prostate gland stromal morphogenesis  
renal capsule formation +   
renal vesicle formation +   
reproductive blastospore formation 
reproductive structure development +   
retina layer formation +   
rhombomere formation +   
roof plate formation  
root meristem specification 
seed coat development +  
seed dormancy process +  
seed growth +  
seed maturation +  
seed morphogenesis 
seed trichome differentiation +  
seed trichome elongation 
seed trichome initiation 
seed trichome maturation 
selective angioblast sprouting +  
seminal vesicle morphogenesis +   
Sertoli cell development +   
Sertoli cell differentiation +   
Sertoli cell fate commitment  
sex determination +   
sex determination, establishment of X:A ratio 
sex determination, primary response to X:A ratio 
sex differentiation +   
sex-specific pigmentation +  
sexual spore wall assembly 
sexual sporulation +  
smooth muscle cell differentiation involved in prostate glandular acinus development 
somitogenesis +   
sorocarp spore cell differentiation +  
specification of floral organ identity +  
specification of floral organ number +  
specification of ovule identity 
Spemann organizer formation +   
sperm axoneme assembly  
sperm capacitation +   
sperm individualization  
spermatid differentiation +   
spongiotrophoblast layer developmental growth +   
spore-bearing structure formation 
sporulation resulting in formation of a cellular spore +  
stamen filament development 
stigma development 
stomatal complex formation 
stomium development 
style development 
submandibular salivary gland formation  
superior olivary nucleus formation 
syncytium formation +   
synergid death 
taste bud formation 
tendon formation +   
tertiary branching involved in mammary gland duct morphogenesis  
trabecula formation +   
tracheal pit formation in open tracheal system 
tracheoesophageal septum formation  
tube formation +   
uterus morphogenesis  
vegetative to reproductive phase transition of meristem +  
ventral furrow formation +  
vitelline membrane formation +   

Definition Sources: GOC:dph

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