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coronary vasculature morphogenesis (GO:0060977)
Annotations: Rat: (17) Mouse: (32) Human: (16) Chinchilla: (16) Bonobo: (16) Dog: (16) Squirrel: (16)
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angioblast cell migration +   
angiogenesis +   
apoptotic process involved in blood vessel morphogenesis  
artery morphogenesis +   
blood vessel lumenization +   
cardiac vascular smooth muscle cell differentiation +   
coronary vasculature morphogenesis +   
The process in which the anatomical structures of blood vessels of the heart are generated and organized. The blood vessel is the vasculature carrying blood.
glomerulus vasculature morphogenesis +   
heart capillary growth 
negative regulation of blood vessel morphogenesis +   
retinal blood vessel morphogenesis  
selective angioblast sprouting +  
vasculogenesis +   
venous blood vessel morphogenesis +   

Exact Synonyms: cardiac blood vessel morphogenesis ;   cardiac vasculature morphogenesis ;   coronary blood vessel morphogenesis ;   heart blood vessel morphogenesis ;   heart vasculature morphogenesis
Definition Sources: GOC:mtg_heart

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