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ubiquitin conjugating enzyme activity (GO:0061631)
Annotations: Rat: (46) Mouse: (43) Human: (43) Chinchilla: (37) Bonobo: (39) Dog: (39) Squirrel: (37) Pig: (38)
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Atg12 conjugating enzyme activity  
FAT10 conjugating enzyme activity 
ISG15 conjugating enzyme activity 
NEDD8 conjugating enzyme activity  
Pup conjugating enzyme activity 
SUMO conjugating enzyme activity  
ubiquitin conjugating enzyme activity  
Isoenergetic transfer of ubiquitin from one protein to another via the reaction X-ubiquitin + Y -> Y-ubiquitin + X, where both the X-ubiquitin and Y-ubiquitin linkages are thioester bonds between the C-terminal glycine of ubiquitin and a sulfhydryl side group of a cysteine residue.
ubiquitin protein ligase activity +   
ubiquitin-calmodulin ligase activity 
UFM1 conjugating enzyme activity  
URM1 conjugating enzyme activity 

Related Synonyms: E2 ;   HECT E3
Xrefs: EC:
Definition Sources: GOC:BioGRID, GOC:dph

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