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keratinization +     
apoptotic process +   
autophagic cell death +   
cornification +   
A type of programmed cell death that occurs in the epidermis, morphologically and biochemically distinct from apoptosis. It leads to the formation of corneocytes, i.e. dead keratinocytes containing an amalgam of specific proteins (e.g., keratin, loricrin, SPR and involucrin) and lipids (e.g., fatty acids and ceramides), which are necessary for the function of the cornified skin layer (mechanical resistance, elasticity, water repellence and structural stability).
ferroptosis +   
granzyme-mediated programmed cell death signaling pathway +   
host programmed cell death induced by symbiont +   
mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilization involved in programmed cell death +   
negative regulation of programmed cell death +   
positive regulation of programmed cell death +   
programmed cell death in response to reactive oxygen species +   
programmed cell death involved in cell development +   
programmed necrotic cell death +   
pyroptosis +   
regulation of programmed cell death +   

Definition Sources: GOC:krc, PMID:18846107

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