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mitotic spindle checkpoint (GO:0071174)
Annotations: Rat: (34) Mouse: (35) Human: (38) Chinchilla: (25) Bonobo: (26) Dog: (35) Squirrel: (26) Pig: (34)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
detection of stimulus involved in mitotic cell cycle checkpoint +  
detection of stimulus involved in spindle checkpoint +  
meiotic spindle checkpoint +   
mitotic cell size control checkpoint +  
mitotic cytokinesis checkpoint +   
mitotic DNA integrity checkpoint +   
mitotic G1/S transition checkpoint +   
mitotic G2/M transition checkpoint +   
mitotic spindle checkpoint +   
A mitotic cell cycle checkpoint that originates from the spindle and delays the metaphase/anaphase transition of a mitotic nuclear division until the spindle is correctly assembled and oriented, the completion of anaphase until chromosomes are attached to the spindle, or mitotic exit and cytokinesis when the spindle does not form.
morphogenesis checkpoint +  
negative regulation of spindle checkpoint +   
positive regulation of spindle checkpoint +   
regulation of spindle checkpoint +   
signal transduction involved in mitotic cell cycle checkpoint +   
signal transduction involved in spindle checkpoint +  
spindle assembly checkpoint +   

Exact Synonyms: mitotic cell cycle spindle checkpoint
Definition Sources: GOC:mtg_cell_cycle

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