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thrombocyte activation (GO:0071892)
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blood coagulation +     
cell activation +     
blood coagulation, fibrin clot formation +   
cell activation involved in immune response +   
chondrocyte activation 
egg activation +   
endothelial cell activation +   
fibroblast activation +   
follicular dendritic cell activation +   
glial cell activation +   
keratinocyte activation  
leukocyte activation +   
negative regulation of blood coagulation +   
negative regulation of cell activation +   
neuroblast activation 
platelet activation +   
positive regulation of blood coagulation +   
positive regulation of cell activation +   
regulation of blood coagulation +   
regulation of cell activation +   
skeletal muscle satellite cell activation +   
thrombocyte activation 
A cell activation process that occurs in thrombocytes and consists of a series of progressive, overlapping events including shape change, adhesiveness, and aggregation, which, when carried through to completion, lead to the formation of a stable hemostatic plug. Thrombocytes are nucleated cells found in non-mammalian vertebrates and are involved in hemostasis. They are the functional equivalent of the non-nucleated platelets found in mammals.

Exact Synonyms: blood coagulation, thrombocyte activation
Definition Sources: GOC:lb, GOC:mah, PMID:10606877, PMID:15634265, PMID:20180901

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