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epithelial tube formation (GO:0072175)
Annotations: Rat: (161) Mouse: (159) Human: (138) Chinchilla: (134) Bonobo: (135) Dog: (135) Squirrel: (136)
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branching morphogenesis of an epithelial tube +   
embryonic heart tube morphogenesis +   
endothelial tube morphogenesis +   
epithelial tube formation +   
The developmental process pertaining to the initial formation of an epithelial tube.
imaginal disc morphogenesis +  
lumen formation, open tracheal system 
mammary gland cord morphogenesis +  
mammary gland duct morphogenesis +   
metanephric tubule morphogenesis +   
nephric duct morphogenesis +   
otic vesicle morphogenesis +   
renal tubule morphogenesis +   
semicircular canal formation +   
tube closure +   
tube lumen cavitation +   

Definition Sources: GOC:mtg_kidney_jan10

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