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Golgi inheritance +     
Golgi organization +     
chloroplast disassembly 
cilium disassembly +   
endoplasmic reticulum disassembly 
Golgi disassembly  
A cellular process that results in the breakdown of a Golgi apparatus that contributes to Golgi inheritance.
Golgi distribution to daughter cells 
Golgi inheritance +   
Golgi reassembly +   
Golgi ribbon formation +   
kinetochore disassembly 
lipid droplet disassembly 
mitochondrion disassembly +   
nucleus disassembly 
P granule disassembly 
peroxisomal membrane disassembly 
peroxisome disassembly 
regulation of Golgi inheritance  
regulation of Golgi organization +   
ribosome disassembly  
septin ring disassembly 
spindle disassembly +   
stress granule disassembly  

Definition Sources: GOC:ascb_2009, GOC:dph, GOC:tb

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