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actin filament-based movement +   
aerotaxis +  
axonogenesis +   
cell chemotaxis +   
cell motility +   
chemotaxis in environment of other organism involved in symbiotic interaction +  
chemotaxis to arachidonic acid +   
chemotaxis to cAMP +  
chemotaxis to folate 
chemotaxis to oxidizable substrate 
cochlear outer hair cell electromotile response 
dendrite morphogenesis +   
dendritic spine morphogenesis +   
microtubule-based movement +   
negative chemotaxis +   
negative regulation of cellular component movement +   
negative regulation of chemotaxis +   
neuron projection arborization +   
neuron projection extension +   
neuron projection guidance +   
The process in which the migration of a neuron projection is directed to a specific target site in response to a combination of attractive and repulsive cues.
positive chemotaxis +   
positive regulation of cellular component movement +   
positive regulation of chemotaxis +   
redox taxis 
regulation of cellular component movement +   
regulation of chemotaxis +   
rhabdomere morphogenesis 

Exact Synonyms: neuron process guidance ;   neuron protrusion guidance ;   neuronal cell projection guidance
Narrow Synonyms: neurite guidance
Definition Sources: GOC:BHF, GOC:rl, PMID:22790009

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